It officially pisses me off that the March Of Dimes will not allow bereavement organizations to have tables at their walks or be represented at their events. They have officially refused to allow several organizations providing grief support to be present at these events because they feel grief support is outside their mission. They only want to deal with the living babies, I guess. Well screw them. They will never again get a dime or bit of social media promotion or referral from me again.

And for this reason I've removed all my Letters To Kota from their blogs and recreated all of them here at: 

In future, I'll be adding letters to both Kota and his baby brothers Mizuko Star (nicknamed Zuzu) and Baby Three here, too. *ALL* families -- I don't discriminate based on whether or not your children live or die.

Dedicated to:
Dakota Jones b/d March 11, 1999 and 
Mizuko Star Jones b/d August 10, 2010 and 
Baby Bug Jones b/d April 20, 2013

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